Geography and History of Englewood

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Geography and History of Englewood


Colorado is a state of the United States of America and it is present in the northeast part of the country. There is a city in Colorado which is known as Englewood, this city is not very large but this is a really beautiful city of the whole state. This city comprises of at least 33,082 people in the year of 2015 but it is not the exact amount, there could be more people at this time in that city as well. In the Englewood Apartments for Rent are being widely used.

This is a small city but people are now living here peacefully so that they can maintain the peace and comfort of the city as well. The crime rate of this city is very low because law enforcement authority is performing their duty very well but people are also co-operative towards the peace of the city. This city did not come into being on its own but actually, William Green Russell discovered the gold on this part of the city, after this, he decided to stay here and live his life on this land. In the very start, this city was named as the Orchard Place by the person who was recognized as the founder of Englewood.Those people were known as Thomas Skerritt, and after this, he started the development of this city and after sometime, he himself build a road which connects this city with Denver, and he only did this by using just his plough which was the great effort.

In that time the only means of the transportation in this city was the horse carts or the bull carts. Slowly this city started evolving and after the sometimes telephone was introduced in this city. Thomas as the owner of this whole land became the very first mayor of the city and even he changed his name to J. C. Jones. After this part, the city started evolving rapidly and in a very small time period there were many developments in this town among which some of them is the arrival of the city’s own newspaper, hospitals were established, many government organizations arrived as well.

Like the fire department for the safety of the people in case of any bad incident occur and police department to keep the peace among the people of this city. After the development of roads and highways, the transportation system also got better, and the animal’s carts were stop being used as they were the slowest means of transportation and then the automobiles were being introduced here and this city finally got to compared among the other developed cities of the United States of America.

Then the tall buildings were started to build on this land and many companies and industries started to arrive here. Soon there were many buildings in this city and at the end, the city was being sold and on that place, one of the largest malls was introduced which was named as Cinderella City. In this way now this city has reached its peak.